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Kuuyas 7waahlal Gidaak (Precious Potlatch Woman)

belongs to the Yahgulanaas clan of the Raven moiety of Haida Gwaii. Lisa is a textile artist specializing in the art of the geometric Pacific Coastal style of wool weaving known as Raven's Tail or Yelth Koo. From her great-great grandmother Isabella Edenshaw, to her great great-grandmother Selina Peratrovich, to her great-aunt Delores Churchill, to her aunt Primrose Adams, her cousins Isabel Rorick, Evelyn Vanderhoop, April Churchill-Davis, and Holly Churchill-Burns, Lisa is proud and humbled to continue the lineage of her renowned family in the art of Haida weaving. They, along with her great-great grandfather Charles Edenshaw, her cousins Jim Hart, Robert and Reg Davidson and her brother Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas, have contributed to and sustained the elevated status of Haida art. Lisa seeks to emulate their example in each piece she creates.

Lisa acknowledges with deepest appreciation her teachers from her earliest years as Selina Peratrovich, Delores Churchill, Carrie Weir, Mary Swanson, April Churchill-Davis, Holly Churchill-Burns and her Raven's Tail mentor Evelyn Vanderhoop. She is thankful for the patience and graciousness of these gifted, exceptional women. Lisa will always be indebted to Evelyn Vanderhoop for teaching her and allowing her to discover and follow her passion for Raven's Tail weaving.